Deontology is synonymous with professional ethics for particular companies.

Deontology is an act provided for by organisational ethics. These are the behavioral rules that members in particular occupations must follow.

Ethics can also be seen as ideal terms to be adopted within enterprises. Within the organization of a company, the board focus their members on their job responsibilities.

In organisational ethics, each profession has its own collective rules consisting of certain terms. These moral terms are freely adopted by the members, and as such preserve and maintain these values.

Deontology is an ethics for professionals that is considered as an act that contains accompanying rules for applicating a profession. They are intended to achieve its rules and values that lead to the support of its mission.

Although the interests of professional ethics is an act of discipline and priority within an occupation, this hardly happens. It cannot be forced, but through discipline it can be applied in the organisation.

The best way to assess the ethical conduct of members within a profession, is based on their behaviour, if it’s correct or not, and the impact it has on their surroundings. Through trust, respect, pride and quality in one’s profession, correct behavior can be maintained.

Their professional commitment comes from the members themselves, and they should take a leading rol, justifying how they uphold their moral obligations to other agencies, the state, and society as a whole.


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