DEONTOS International Foundation is an independent foundation, wich defends the natural, universal Human Rights.

DEONTOS (“ethics”, from the Greek deon = “duty,” and logos = “reason”) is an ethical movement, which is based on absolute rules of conduct.

“Listening to the calls of theoretical ethics”, DEONTOS sees as its duty.

This means that practicing moral principles is a duty.

One must adhere to and upheld moral principles that justify one’s life in relationship to himself and the other. This will lead to human behavior based on moral obligation.

The DEONTOS Foundation believes that moral liability is prior to legal liability. The difference between moral and legal liability is attributed to the difference in perspective.

The DEONTOS Foundation believes that juridical applications should not only deal with the imposition of penalties, but foremost should deal with obedience founded in moral duty.

The law is formed by rules of the judiciary. It changes depending on developments in society, external forces such as police, courts etc. Man is obliged to obey the law and to adapt itself to the Code of Law.

Ethical liability is broader than legal liability, because ethics deals with the relationship between man and his Creator, and with the accountability to God. This is fixed and unchangeable. Ethical liability monitors and liberates man and prevents any form of legal liability if we admit the authenticity of the truth. The highest authority of a man is the power of conscience itself.

Ethical liability is a force on its own, it cannot replace the code of law, but it can lead to a form of self discipline and self-protection against human errors. Behavioral norms and values deter man from committing mistakes. Eventually it can lead to legal liability and agreements.

Finally, ethical and legal liability are complementary to each other. Therefore one can never clearly distinct one from the other in all profession and in life in general. However, their complementation does not mean that ethical liability depends on legal liability, for ethical liability has its originality and authenticity that frees mankind.

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