Why do you deny a crime that you have not committed?

Why do you deny something the perpetrators themselves do not deny? There are still people dying – and will continue to die – due to a lack of respect for humanity and because of the martyrs and their spouse. There are people who manipulate freedom of speech in order to bluntly deny the Holocaust and all the deaths that have taken place in history.

The DEONTOS international foundation summons the Government to take their responsibility and to use their authority (without political division, for justice is stronger than political division) on the basis of Moral obligation, to develop an exclusive criminal law against denial of the Holocaust. Approval of this law by Government is not an accession, but a logical consequence since Dutch civilians have fallen during the Holocaust too.

Crime against humanity has no limitation, and ignoring it is unacceptable.

The perpetrators themselves do not deny the Holocaust. Germany summons people to imprisonment for denying the Holocaust.

The absence of a criminal law against denial of the Holocaust leads us to unacceptable tolerance of the crimes against humanity and corrupts the moral sense of Dutch society.  This is equivalent to moral complicity and the worship of a murder culture.

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