THE HAGUE – Deputy Prime Minister Verhagen openly acknowledged that American nuclear weapons are stored in the Netherlands.

This is evident from the Wikileaks-cables. Deputy Prime Minister Maxime Verhagen, then Foreign Minister, admitted the storage of nuclear weapons in an interview with the U.S. NATO Ambassador, Ivo Daalder.

Daalder wrote in a message to Washington: “Verhagen said that he has blocked the discussions about the storage of nuclear weapons in the Netherlands, since this is a matter that concerns the NATO.”

Verhagen made his comment on September 3rd 2009, during a discussion reducing the number of nuclear weapons held by the NATO. It is believed that there are about 10 to 20 weapons stored in bunkers. Action groups have been demonstrating against the presence of nuclear weapons for years now.

The DEONTOS foundation recognizes this very important issue of national interest to be the death blow for the transparency within our democracy. With the belief that this is a state secret of the Government, it is not justifiable to keep this hidden from the people. Democracy is indebted to the people, while the alliance and the enemy were already aware of this information. The people are the last to know.

Sources (unfortunately only available in dutch)

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