The DEONTOS Foundation is committed to human rights in different areas of life, and offers assistance to social issues in several countries. The goal that the DEONTOS Foundation sets itself, is based on “Moral Duty” (Absolutism).

The DEONTOS Foundation propagates Human Rights in the Netherlands and the world through various legal and peaceful activities. The foundation combates crimes against humanity, by advocating the interests of victims, and by performing every other acts that is connected with advocating their interests in the broadest sense possible.

The DEONTOS Foundation fight against various forms of injustice and unfairness in this world, for more respect and greater protection of human rights, leading to a greater quality and a nobler way of life.

The DEONTOS Foundation has as its objective to cooperate with governments, mediate between governments and (international) organizations, and support organizations with similar aims in order to help shape a more just and fair world for all.


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