•    DEONTOS is the Moral Duty that liberates humanity.

•    DEONTOS is the platform for Humanitarian law.

•    DEONTOS is the fire that purifies humanity.

•    DEONTOS is the light that leads to virtue.

•    DEONTOS is the humanitarian moral law.

•    DEONTOS is the alert conscience that monitors humanity.

•    DEONTOS is the authentic sound that safeguards human rights.

•    DEONTOS is the noble call loyal to humanity.

•    DEONTOS is the truth of the Omnipotent Creator who governs humanity.

•    DEONTOS is the absolute Moral Duty and not just a call for ethical theories.

•    The Deontologist is adheres to the truth before he adheres to the law.

•    The Deontologist is the guardian of the sacred principles of DEONTOS.

•    The Deontologist can be called a Couragist

•    The Deontologist is the guardian of deontological ethics, and guarantees the correct implementation of its principles.


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